May 2022 Re-stocks
May 2022 Re-stocks

set to arrive sometime in May


Baby blue front and hind mediums 

Burgundy cheetah front small, front and hind medium, hind large 

Cheetah black front medium

Cheetah turquoise front medium 

Cheetah serape front small, front medium, front and large hind 

Jewel serape front medium

Lucky money green front medium, front large 

Pendleton front medium

Pewter front medium

Cheetah purple front medium 

Cheetah red front medium

solid red front medium

Royal blue front and hind medium

Black front and hind medium

Purple front medium

White front medium 

Snow leopard serape front and hind medium 

turquoise slab front and hind medium

Shocking pink front and hind medium


Black All sizes 

Lime green medium and large 

Red medium

royal blue medium

Cheetah turquoise all sizes 

Hot pink medium 

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