About Our Therapy Line

Top Hand Brand Therapy Line

I began heavily researching a therapy line in early 2022. I completed over 60 hours of professional and veterinary level continuing education training on magnetic therapy and studies.  By June, 2022 I had prototypes designed and delivered, and began testing them for effectiveness and quality. 


    Here are a few facts about our therapy line:

    • The material of our magnetic blankets uses far infrared therapy. Unlike other rays, far infrared does not damage or burn the skin, and does not create additional heat.
    • Our magnets are globally sourced and imported through Canada. They are labeled as therapeutic grade, but that does not affect you in customs as they are not considered a medical device in the US or Canada. 
    • Our magnetic blankets come with a detachable hood. The hood has magnets in the poll and cranial area, the body has magnets throughout.   While I am sure our line will be copied, we are currently the only blanket sold with a detachable hood with magnets at the poll.  The magnets in both the sheet and hood are placed according to acupressure points through the body. 
    • Most magnets perform better in cold conditions than hot. Our magnets are tested to withstand temperatures of -30° to 400°F without losing strength!  
    • Our unique magnets do not rust or corrode with exposure to moisture or salt. 
    • Our sheets are cut longer to give full stifle and gaskin therapy. 
    • HERE is a video comparing the polarity of our magnets to other brands. 
    • HERE is Our magnet strength in comparison with other brands.
    • HERE is how our magnetic sheet reduces CRP in the body (CRP is the inflammatory marker in the body)
    • HERE is how to measure your horse for a blanket
    • HERE is understanding gauss

    Research in static magnet therapy (Click links)

    Research in Polarity:

    As for the polarity of our magnets, it’s no secret that there’s a debate in the horse community regarding this. The oldest magnetic brand therapy  blankets utilizes south seeking, as do we, while some others have north seeking polarity. Some therapists say one direction is more beneficial than the other, but scientifically speaking, there is no research to show how there could be any difference between the two poles of the magnet in terms of the effect upon body tissue. We did our research, and overall with blood tests measuring CRP, SAA, and lactate levels in horses using OUR specific magnetic sheet, we found this direction to be most beneficial for our line. 

    HERE is an excellent article from an Australian magnet company diving deep into the research (or lack thereof) regarding magnet polarity. 

    The short summary is…

    “After reviewing the evidence in its entirety, it’s reasonable to assert that any differences between the north and south pole can be attributed to magnetoreception, magnetotaxisand/or magnetotropism. There is practically no evidence that these differences might benefit or harm the human body.”

    Length of Treatment:

    Some research scientists and practitioners suspect that the body may accommodate to the magnetic field over time, thus reducing the therapeutic effect. In order to prevent both the irritation and the accommodation, practitioners usually recommend intermittent use of 12 hours on, 12 hours off.  We never recommend turnout for a horse while wearing any sheets, blankets, wraps, or supports.


    Ahhh yes. The age old question, “what gauss are your magnets”.  Well, you can see in our above video how our magnets compare to others. That’s really what you're wanting to know, right? How strong are these magnets compared to everyone else’s?  But why aren’t their magnets testing the thousands of gauss they advertise?  That is the difference between surface and manufacturer gauss rating.  HERE is an article describing the difference between the two.  

    Gauss is different than pull strength of a magnet in general and a higher gauss does not necessarily lead to higher pull strength.

    It has been a common practice for companies to claim 20,000+ gauss rating for a product with 20 magnets of 1,000 gauss in their product. Heck, look at this video. Every one of those products makes gauss claims that clearly are not met. This is misleading because the magnetic field still has a gauss rating of 1,000 at any given point on the support, it is not a cumulative effect. 

    Gauss strength can be misleading, as the strength of the magnetic field decreases as the distance from the surface of the magnet increases.  Also, the size, material, grade and quality of the magnet affects magnetic field.

    The earth’s gauss is .5, while the cheap chip clip magnet on your fridge is 100 gauss.  So does that mean the fridge magnet has a stronger pull than the earth’s field?  No.  See the error in calculating only gauss?  


    We are often asked about sizing for our magnetic sheets.  "Are you sheets true to size". Short story, yes.  If they say 69", they measure 69".  Long story, is whatever sheet/blanket you're currently using for a size comparison true to size?  We don't know.  So it is HIGHLY recommend that you measure your horse for the most accurate fit.  Between sizes?  We suggest you size down.

    • HERE is how to measure your horse for a blanket

     Who should NOT use magnetic therapy

    • Static magnet therapy has not been proven safe for pregnant mares (note:*proven safe* does not mean it is considered unsafe, it simply has not been extensively studied)
    • People who have medical devices or implants with a magnetic field, such as a pacemaker, should not use magnet therapy, because it could interfere with the function of the implant.

    Washing Instructions:

    Attach all Velcro so it does not snag. Machine or hand wash cold, with your detergent of choice or baking soda  LINE DRY only.


    While our therapy line may not always provide each patient with the same results, it is a safe, non-invasive, non-addicting, and relative low cost option that doesn’t have the same risks as over the counter and prescription pain medicines.

    My qualifications include 30 credit hour post graduate completion of Natural Animal Health Specialist, I am a practicing equine herbalist specializing in healing medicines, with over 100 hours postsecondary education in natural equine therapies and magnetics. I am a PEMF practitioner licensed in humans and all animals, and a Holistic Equine Veterinary Medicine assoc member. I take my therapies, research, and health of your equine partner very seriously.