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Hi!  I’m Rebeca Hazaleus. I’m a small business owner. I’m a mom. I’m a barrel racer. I’m a wife. I’m a lousy cook. An equine nutrition advisor. An equine herbalist. And I am passionate about all things horses. Their health. Their well-being. How they can compete well and compete safely. Anyone that knows me personally knows I’m not much of a people person - I’m actually painfully shy. But horses ... ahh horses are my passion. I study them. Everything about them. I’m THAT girl who can sit and watch 700 horses compete in a day and never get tired of it.

I designed Top Hand Brand boots because as a competitor, I knew we could have a better boot! Top Hand Brand boots have 4 ways stretch for a glove/wrap-like fit. Single layer seams along the leg for a closer, gap-free fit to keep dirt OUT! Super strength Velcro, form fitting ankle and a cutout to close the gap between bell and boot, and they are tested to run cooler in the leg than traditional boots.

I grew up on the racetrack and my dad trained and owned thoroughbred horses. I spent most of my time with him and the horses, and learned the importance of wrapping legs. Racehorses don’t use sport boots, we wrap differently. So I’ve always wondered how we could get closer to the racehorse industry with a slim design and tighter fit for better support. After a lot of lost sleep, I finally founded Top Hand Brand boots after my dad passed away.

Top Hand Brand isn’t a multi million dollar conglomeration. It’s run out of my spare office. I pack your orders myself, or with the help of our children or our one assistant, and write your thank you notes. My kids often help, and sometimes I miss events because I’m packaging orders or finalizing a new design.

So ... from my small business to you ... I hope you “Shop Small” today and enjoy Top Hand Brand boots.

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