The Best Boots for your Horse.



So, what is Top Hand Brand?

What's Top Hand Brand?

We aren’t just ANOTHER boot, we are a BETTER boot!

  • Single layer edge design for a gap-free fit that keeps dirt OUT
  • Double layer along the leg for maximum shock protection. 
  • 4 way stretch to give maximum support 
  • Super strength Velcro to give your boots extra long life
  • Antimicrobial materials to prevent bacteria growth 
  • Tailored design to give maximum coverage to the pastern without interfering with the bell
  • Tested to run cooler on the leg than traditional boots

We Know Boots

With a lifetime spent around horses, rodeos and beyond, we know how important your horse’s leg protection is. Our boots are designed to keep your horse protected and comfortable for years to come. With experience ranging from the racetrack to the arena, we know what our horse’s legs go through in competition. Rest assured the Top Hand Brand boots were designed with your horse in mind, for superior comfort and protection.  

Rebeca Hazaleus

Owner / Founder of Top Hand Brand