Boot FAQ's

Here is a page dedicated to Frequently Asked Question's about our signature sport boots and bells!!

1.  How many boots come in an order?

Both sport boots and bells are sold in pairs of 2.

2. What size boot does my horse need?

Each product has a size chart in the product photos.  While we do recommend measuring your horse for the most accurate fit, here is a cheat sheet.  

14.2hh and under - Small

Horses 14.2-15.3hh - Medium

Horses over 16hh - Large

 3. Do boots come with skid patches and double straps?

90% of our HIND boots come with kevlar skid patches and double bottom straps.  We are phasing out all of our single strap/no patch hind boots.  Currently, only Cheetah Serape Hind Large, all sizes of feathers, coral thunderbird, and cactus have NO skid patch or double straps.

4.  Do your boots have a warranty?  

Our boots have a 30 day manufacturer warranty against defects.  Because of the nature of horses and horse disciplines, used boots are not warrantied.  We do offer exchanges if you need a different size or color!  Here is our full exchange/warranty policy.

5. When will XXX boots be restocked?

Check our "coming soon" link for restocks and new patterns.  

6.  Can I put hinds on the fronts, or vice versa?

Yes!  You can use our boots on both front and hinds.  We originally designed a "universal" boot but opted to add skid patches and double straps to the hinds.  For reference, our hind smalls are similar to front mediums.  Our Hind Mediums are similar to Front Larges.

7.  How do I care for my boots?

Rebeca suggest brushing your boots off with a stiff body brush after EVERY ride. That includes all the edges and bottom seams.  Hand wash with baking soda, and line dry.  We no longer recommend machine washing as it wears the velcro faster.

8.  Speaking of Velcro, will I receive boots with round or square velcro tabs?

Good question.  We are slowly transferring all of our boots to our Easy Grip velcro.  Turns out our velcro was uncomfortably strong for most fingers, so we have added the Easy Grip tab. If you have a question about whether a specific boot will have one tab or the other, it's best to contact us before ordering.