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Magnetic Universal Wraps

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I began heavily researching a therapy line in early 2022. I completed over 60 hours of professional and veterinary level continuing education training on magnetic therapy and studies.  By June, 2022 I had prototypes designed and delivered, and began testing them for effectiveness and quality. 


    Here are a few facts about our universal wraps:

      • Our wraps are sold in pairs
      • In true Top Hand Brand style, we are always looking to save you money.  You can use our wraps for hocks, ankles, knees, poll ... they are universal and you can use one wrap, or combine two to wrap an even larger area.  No more buying multiple wraps for multiple locations.
      • Each wrap contains 24 of our unique magnets
      • To date, our magnetic wraps are the very first universal magnetic wrap for equines on the market!
      • Our wraps are patent pending
      • Our magnets are globally sourced and imported through Canada. They are labeled as therapeutic grade, but that does not affect you in customs as they are not considered a medical device in the US or Canada. 
      • Most magnets perform better in cold conditions than hot. Our magnets are tested to withstand temperatures of -30° to 400°F without losing strength!  
      • Our unique magnets do not rust or corrode with exposure to moisture or salt. 

    • Length of Treatment:

      Some research scientists and practitioners suspect that the body may accommodate to the magnetic field over time, thus reducing the therapeutic effect. In order to prevent both the irritation and the accommodation, practitioners usually recommend intermittent use 12 hours on, 12 hours off.  We never recommend turnout for a horse while wearing any sheets, blankets, wraps, or support, and we do not recommend layering therapy products.  

    Research in static magnet therapy 


     Who should NOT use magnetic therapy

    • Static magnet therapy has not been proven safe for pregnant mares (note:*proven safe* does not mean it is considered unsafe, it simply has not been extensively studied)
    •  People who have medical devices or implants with a magnetic field, such as a pacemaker, should not use magnet therapy, because it could interfere with the function of the implant.

    While our therapy line may not always provide each patient with the same results, it is a safe, non-invasive, non-addicting, and relative low cost option that doesn’t have the same risks as over the counter and prescription pain medicines.

    My qualifications include 30 credit hour post graduate completion of Natural Animal Health Specialist, I am a practicing equine herbalist specializing in healing medicines. I am a PEMF practitioner licensed in humans and all animals, and a Holistic Equine Veterinary Medicine assoc member. I take my therapies, research, and health of your equine partner very seriously. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    jenifer savage

    I have done my homework on the magnetic boots and the quality of the boots is amazing. I also have the blanket and my horse loves it. I had a noticeable difference in my mare after her wearing it.

    Sarah Luke
    Amazing product

    Absolutely love my universal wraps! They’ve come in handy for hocks and fetlocks/cannon bones on my rehabbing mare. I’ve even through them over the poll and lower back for short periods of time!

    Hands down the best hock wrap ive ever seen!

    I used to be a rep for another therapy line of products and was excited that someone else had went to the time and trouble to make a comparable product at a vastly more affordable price... I used these on my mare's hocks last night and they by far fit the best ive ever seen. she wore them for approx 12 hours in a stall with a 12x60' run and they stayed on with no additional wraps needed to hold them up. Im 100% sold on these!

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    Magnetic Universal Wraps

    Magnetic Universal Wraps


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