Boot Fit

 Since a proper fit is incredibly important for the protection of your equine partner, here is a list of our Top Hand Fit sizing series!!

We truly believe horsemen and women should sell horse products, that's why your Top Hand team is made up of experienced horsewomen and me that know proper leg care and boot fit.  We are excited to offer you this series!

Each product has a size chart in the product photos. While we do recommend measuring your horse for the most accurate fit, here is a cheat sheet. Again … we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to measure your horse and use the size guide in product descriptions, and if you still have questions, schedule a boot fit session with us and we will walk you through it!


14.2hh and under - Small


Horses 14.2-15.3hh - Medium


Horses over 16hh - Large



Hind Boots on the front (click link)