THB Ambassador Application

Thanks for your interest in a Top Hand Brand sponsorship!  Please fill out the form below, and we will get back with you shortly!!!

**NOTE:** preference is given to current Top Hand Brand customers. We do not feel like you can accurately and honestly promote a product you do not actually use.  

**How Sponsorships Work**

We base our sponsorship decisions on a few key factors:

1. Your social media presence - are your pages public, do you have followers, are you posting helpful, kind information, are you actively publishing content

2. Your accomplishments in and out of the arena - School, events, FFA, Rodeo, horse shows, Community projects, etc.

3. Your dedication and use of Top Hand Brand products - do you actually use Top Hand Brand products?

 What's Expected?

Excellent question!  We encourage you to keep actively sharing your Ambassador Code!  The more you share, the more free gear you get!  We also require our Ambassadors to share weekly pictures of your horses in our gear, you in our fun shirts, etc. on your social media pages.  Did you have a great weekend at the show?  Tag us in those posts!  And please make these posts public, so we can see them!  Ambassadors that are not actively promoting Top Hand Brand will go inactive! *insert sad face here!*

If you are selected to be a Top Hand Brand Ambassador, you will receive a unique code to share.  That code will give your referrals a discount on their purchases.  Every quarter we will run the report of whose Ambassador code has been most active.  If you have been an active Top Hand Brand Ambassador with over $1,000 in referral sales for the quarter, you get free gear!!


Quarters run

January-March (Totals will be calculated by the end of April)

April - June (Totals will be calculated by the end of July)

July - September (Totals will be calculated by the end of October)

October - December (Totals will be calculated by the end of January)



So, let's get started!  Complete the application below and we will get back with you soon!