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Cheetah Purple Sport Boots

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Our original Top Hand Brand sport boots, with a fun twist!

Leopard print!!

The leopard is so crisp and bright, and the purple really pops!  


Boot Sizing

We have designed these boots to be a little different than your traditional sport boots 

* Double layer on the leg surface, with single layer edges for a smooth, sleek finish

*Thin, smooth edge seam help keep dirt OUT of your boots!

*Antimicrobial coating that will not wash off, to help prevent fungus, scratches, etc.

*4 way stretch for ultimate fit and to keep dirt OUT!

* Sling style support for ankles and suspensories

*heavy duty velcro, because loose, floppy velcro just isn't fun for any of us!

*contoured bottom edge designed to clear the bell boot and free up movement.

*Hind boots have a protective Kevlar skid patch and double Velcro straps! 

*zero bumps or ridges on the leg contact side of the boot, to add comfort to your horses leg and prevent cords

* Hind boots have skid patch

Matching cheetah/purple bell boot can be found here

solid purple bell boot can be found here


Note: Late 2022 we began transitioning to a new, brighter cheetah/leopard print. Our new print is less busy, and photographs more clearly, and stays cleaner longer. That being said, our cheetah prints will not match exactly if you order a size that was printed before the switch. If you have any questions about which sizes/colors have which cheetah pattern, please message us. 

Our boots come in Small, Medium, and Large!

All boots are sold in pairs of 2

Here is a link to our intro video


Sizing info:  Because of our 4 way stretch design, our boots run slightly larger than many other brands. Many times you will find you need to size down if your horse is in between. We suggest using the sizing chart in the photos and measuring you’re horse if you are unsure! 

Here is the “Clean leg” muddy day challenge video!! 

*Washing and care instructions*

Rebeca suggests: brushing off your boots before you take them off, after EVERY ride!  A clean boot is a boot that lasts.  Roll the first boot, velcro closed.  Wrap the second boot around the first.  This helps your boots keep their shape.

Washing: wash in cold water with baking soda.  Detergent can irritate many horses' legs.  Line dry.

NOTE: ✅ 

These HIND boots have a flexible, yet protective skid patch and double Velcro  

NEW updated sizing (see product photos for chart)





Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lila Kleikamp
Absolutely LOVE these boots and bells!

These boots and bell boots are amazing! They are beautiful in color/design and provide great support! They keep dirt out and provide great protection during your whole ride no matter what discipline! These boots keep the legs at a great temperature! The Velcro is super good! They explain the sizing and as long as you have the correct size, they will fit perfectly and provide your horse with the best protection and support! This is by far our favorite brand!

Hannah Klopping
Will not use another brand

These boots are fantastic. They don’t cook the legs as much as other boots do (of course any boot will heat a leg up. However, these boots seem to keep the temperature a lot lower which in my opinion is most important for the leg. I only use boots when the intensity of the ride is kicked up (turning barrels at higher speeds, etc.) so it’s nice to know that my horse’s legs won’t heat up *as* much. The Velcro is amazing (it takes real arm strength to undo haha), doesn’t slip, conforms to their leg, keeps dirt out like no other, fits just like the sizing says it will, and the quality of the material is amazing. I’ve used almost every other boot brand, and Top Hand Brand tops all of them.

Nicole Keltz
Love these boots

Great color great fit. Velcro is super sticky. Can’t wait for my next pair.

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Cheetah Purple Sport Boots

Cheetah Purple Sport Boots


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