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Lucky Money Green Sport Boots

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This boot color is the brain-child of my husband Jeff, and daughter Shae, because as they say, "Top Hands love money green boots!"  So, Jeff and Shae, here are your Money Green boots!!! Our green is transitioning, so if you want to be 100% your fronts and hinds match, message us first  

We have designed our boots to be a little different than your traditional sport boots 


Boot Sizing

* Double layer on the leg surface, with single layer edges for a smooth, sleek finish

*That smooth edge seam help keep dirt OUT of your boots!

*Antimicrobial coating that will not wash off, to help prevent fungus, scratches, etc.

* Sling style support for ankle and suspensories

*heavy duty velcro, because loose, floppy velcro just isn't fun for any of us!

*contoured bottom edge designed to clear the bell boot and free up movement.

*zero bumps or ridges on the leg contact side of the boot, to add comfort to your horses leg and prevent cords

Our boots come in Small, Medium, and Large!  

All boots are sold in pairs of 2

Here is a link to our intro video


Sizing info:  Because of our 4 way stretch design, our boots run slightly larger than many other brands. Many times you will find you need to size down if your horse is in between. We suggest using the sizing chart in the photos and measuring you’re horse if you are unsure!

Here is the “Clean leg” muddy day challenge video!! 

*Washing and care instructions*

Rebeca suggests: brushing off your boots before you take them off, after EVERY ride!  A clean boot is a boot that lasts.  Roll the first boot, velcro closed.  Wrap the second boot around the first.  This helps your boots keep their shape.

Washing: wash in cold water with baking soda.  Detergent can irritate many horses' legs.  Line dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Angela Zacharias
Love these boots!

I ordered front and back boots. They fit as expected and the quality is excellent. Awesome color choices, too!! They clean up really well. They don’t seem to hang onto dirt the way some brands do.

They're perfect!!

I absolutely love the fit and the color really pops on my chestnut gelding!! They're the best at keeping the dirt out too!

Bryce Dibbern
Best products backed by the best customer service you could ask for!

These boots have proven to be a premium boot, that fits better than any other boot we’ve used. The Velcro is top of the line, I don’t worry about losing these boots like I have in the past with other brands. The customer service with TopHand Brand is unmatched. I only order one single pair of boots, and they had it shipped the next day. I received them in less than one week, and in the package was a hand written thank you card. You don’t find that very often today and to me that kind of service goes a long ways in my book!

Anik Langlois

These boots look amazing! The color is gorgeous and the fit is perfect! Excellent customer service too!

So bright!

These boots are so bright, what a great green! And they really helped protect my horse’s legs. Most boots rub him because he has an old scar, but the shape of these are perfect for and don’t rub!

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Lucky Money Green Sport Boots

Lucky Money Green Sport Boots


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