Royal Blue Sport Boots
Royal Blue Sport Boots
Royal Blue Sport Boots
Royal Blue Sport Boots
Royal Blue Sport Boots
Royal Blue Sport Boots
Royal Blue Sport Boots
Royal Blue Sport Boots

We have designed Top Hand boots to be different than your traditional sport boots 


Boot Sizing

* Double layer on the leg surface, with single layer edges for a smooth, sleek finish

*That smooth edge seam help keep dirt OUT of your boots!

*Antimicrobial coating that will not wash off, to help prevent fungus, scratches, etc.

* Sling style support for ankle and suspensories

*4 way stretch for ultimate boot fit, and to keep dirt OUT! 

*heavy duty velcro, because loose, floppy velcro just isn't fun for any of us!

*Hind boots have a protective Kevlar skid patch and double Velcro straps! 

*contoured bottom edge designed to clear the bell boot and free up movement.

*zero bumps or ridges on the leg contact side of the boot, to add comfort to your horses leg and prevent cords

Our boots come in Small, Medium, and Large!  

All boots are sold in pairs of 2 

matching Royal Blue  bell boots can be found here 

Here is a link to our intro video


Sizing info:  Because of our 4 way stretch design, our boots run slightly larger than many other brands. Many times you will find you need to size down if your horse is in between. We suggest using the sizing chart in the photos and measuring you’re horse if you are unsure!

Here is the “Clean leg” muddy day challenge video!! 

*Washing and care instructions*

Rebeca suggests: brushing off your boots before you take them off, after EVERY ride!  A clean boot is a boot that lasts.  Roll the first boot, velcro closed.  Wrap the second boot around the first.  This helps your boots keep their shape.

Washing: wash in cold water with baking soda.  Detergent can irritate many horses' legs.  Line dry.

Front SmallHind SmallFront MediumHind MediumFront LargeHind Large

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Candice Sonnier
5 stars!

Very beautiful blue! Strong Velcro and kept legs clean!

Emileigh Blackburn

Just WOW! Great quality and oh my gosh the velcro is so strong! love love love!!!

Krista Williams

Velcro DEFINITELY made in the USA and not China 😂. I needed my husband's help the first time I put them on! This is my 6th pair of Top Hand Brand boots and they are now my favorite boot. Velcro last, I love they have a bit more coverage then the average boot, light weight, yet firm, so haven't had problems getting hot and have done a amazing job keeping the dirt out. I finally just switch from polos on the back to Top Hand Hinds because I was so impressed. And the color!!!! So vibrant!!!

Kalyn Still

I love these boots! The color is so vibrant, velcro is amazing, keeps dirt out and legs cooled.

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